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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads is a feature offered by Facebook to market or Advertise a Fan Page which has been produced by Facebook users with different selection and could be set by the advertiser. Facebook itself is a social networking website with a platform which enables its users to create personal pages, add friends, and send messages. Social networking site Facebook has consumers with over 1 billion users around the world, so it may be said that Facebook Ads is an advertisement with a broad range to have the ability to attain the goal of 1 billion users globally.

In Facebook advertising, the advertiser needs a page in front of a Fan page which allows for additional Facebook users provide the LIKE or become lovers on the Fan Page and Fan Page can be a business, product solutions, person, trademarks, etc…

The Truth is what makes Facebook advertising ogled by the businesses, Organizations, or people to maintain the media to promote or market something with the features provided by Facebook is using Facebook advertising or Facebook Ads. All sorts of business sectors have started to look and perform advertising with new media, like companies that sell products and services, online businesses, and other companies from small scale to large scale. Rates are cheap, the target audience can be adjusted as needed, and the character of the active audience make up can be utilized as an alternate advertising in new media technologies are thought of as efficient and practical.

Besides the advantages already mentioned before, the Facebook Ads also have the advantages that shouldn’t be forgotten, namely ease of design and supervision. The design or manufacture of advertising on Facebook can be said to be easy and can be done by anyone and anywhere without needing to pass through burdensome regulations along with the regulation of the Facebook itself is in fact not too made a substantial issue. However, there are some mistakes to avoid when setting up your Facebook Advertising campaigns.

Social networking sites may also be said to be a place or way to communicate with 1 person to another, and from one member to another member, numerous individuals or members gathered in this Facebook. The fact which makes Facebook into one of the market place or the current promotion potential.

Its advantages, in addition, to add can promote relationship and friendship with the wider community on Facebook since Facebook is a social networking site which allows its users to interact with each other without thinking about space and time, along with the networking media this social can also reach an extremely broad audience to the entire world, it makes the product or service being marketed can be recognized by a broader audience also.

In the design of the ad, the service providers  for ads can regulate specific target market they would like to go, such as geographic region, by gender, age, preferred terms, marital status, education, and so on, and after advertisers choose what ads targeted character will be selected, he’ll know how many targets their ads, and it makes the ads created to be more effective and to the point.

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